Fox model year 2019 suspension updates: what you need to know

A 34 Step Cast, new damper for the 36 and much more

Fox has lifted the covers on its model year 2019 forks and shocks. Most of these updated forks and shocks will be available for purchase in the coming weeks, while others are already coming stock on new mountain bikes arriving at a bike shop near you.


Some of the updates are iterative, including revised suspension tunes and new offset options. Other changes are larger, such as new damper systems and new fork models.

Here’s a rundown of the important updates to the Fox suspension line for the 2019 model year. 

Fox 2019 suspension fork updates

Step-Cast comes to the 34 series

The 34 Step-Cast is designed for race-worthy trail bikes

In 2016, Fox introduced its ultralight Step-Cast chassis. It was designed for 32 series forks to meet the needs of thoroughbred cross-country racers.

Now, Fox is bringing its Step-Cast technology to the 34 platform. This new fork is a perfect match for the growing number of light and slack trail bikes that are as capable at railing rough singletrack as they are at holding their own during multi-day stage races.

Currently, the 34SC Float is only offered at the Factory level. It’s likely this new fork will trickle down to the Performance Elite and Performance levels in the near future.

The actual weight of our test fork is 3.64lb/1,650g (29in, uncut steerer w/axle).

The 34SC Float Factory has 120mm of travel and is available for 27.5 and 29in wheels. It’s available now and retails for $943 / £1,009 / AU$1,519.

36 gets a GRIP, too

Fox has replaced the RC2 damper with the GRIP2

Though it was initially intended for mid-level forks, the Fox GRIP damper was a hit with many riders, including professionals. Fox revised this GRIP system to replace the RC2 damper previously offered on the 36 and 40 series.

The GRIP2 damper offers four-way adjustability with high- and low-speed compression and rebound adjustments.

The 36 is still available with a FIT4 damper for riders who prefer set-and-forget suspension.

The 36 GRIP4 and FIT4 both get an updated EVOL air spring with fewer seals for improved small-bump sensitivity.

The 36 Float Factory with FIT4 damper retails for $994. The GRIP2 version will set riders back $1,065 / £1,139 / AU$1,649.

Updated offsets

In addition to the introduction of the 34 Step Cast and 36 GRIP2, Fox is also offering more offset options.

Riders on 27.5in wheels can choose between 37 or 44mm of offset, while 29er riders can select from 44 and 51mm of offset on 34 and 36 series forks.

Want to know more about how a few millimeters of offset can affect handling? Read our article on pushing the limits of fork offset.

The 40 gets a GRIP2 and big wheel options

The 40 gets the same GRIP2 damper as the 36

Following in the footsteps of the 36 series, the heavy-hitting 40 gets the four-way adjustable GRIP2 damper and an updated EVOL air spring.

Although it has been spotted in the wild for several seasons under professional racers, including the Santa Cruz Syndicate team, Fox officially has a 29in version of the 40 available for consumers. 

The 40 GRIP2 Factory retails for $1,699 (UK and Australian pricing TBC).

Fox 2019 shock updates

Updated Float DPX2

The DPX2 has been updated with more small bump sensitivity and a remote

Fox has been just as busy with updates at the back of the bike.

The Float DPX2 was released mid-2017. It replaced the Float X in the Fox line. The DPX2 is the company’s most versatile shock, intended to be paired with 120–160mm trail and enduro bikes.

For the 2019 model year, Fox has revised the DPS adjustment range for improved small-bump sensitivity. The company also added a remote option to this trail shock.

The Float DPX2 Factory retails for $554. The remote version adds $21 (UK and Australian pricing TBC).

Float X2 for heavier hits

The X2 with the XV EVOL canister should suit heavier riders

The Float X2 is a highly adjustable air shock suited to enduro and downhill. While extremely capable, it’s not without its limitations. For 2019, Fox has addressed key complaints riders have had with this oversized air can.

A new XV EVOL air sleeve is available for heavier riders with a maximum pressure of 300 psi — 50psi higher than the standard model.

The Float X2 also gets a progressive bottom out bumper to prevent harsh hits at full compression.

Last but not least on the list of refinements is an angled air valve to make it easier to adjust air pressure.


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