Fox Q36R quick-release axle upgrade from The Flow Zone – first look

Retrofit axle upgrade makes for fast, tool-free wheel removal

Denver-based bike shop The Flow Zone has released an aftermarket upgrade that converts Fox’s 36 fork to use a quick-release style thru-axle. Engineered, prototyped and tested in Colorado, the system retails for US$89 and does away with the inconvenience of the 36’s standard pinch-bolt axle.


The Fox 36 is a popular fork, and for good reason, but, despite a total redesign for 2015, Fox’s burliest single crown still retained its old fashioned pinch bolt equipped axle. For a lot of people, the 36’s axle system is okay, but for others the need to place a 5mm Allen key in five different places just to remove the front wheel is a pain – especially compared to other forks that offer tool-free removal.

The kit features a preload lever that secures to the OE Fox axle, and two quick-release style cams that work to provide the same torque at the axle but in a much faster, more convenient way. The kit is only compatible with 2015 Fox 36 forks, but works with either 15mm or 20mm original equipment axles.


As The Flow Zone is an authorised Fox dealer it is also offering special pricing on new Fox 36 forks equipped with the Q36R kit.