Fox rolls out budget forks, e-MTB suspension and new levers

Blacked-out stanchions and "climb switches" for X2 and DHX2 shocks

Fox released its new top-end cross-country fork, the 32 Step-Cast, prior to the Sea Otter Classic. However, the suspension company still had a few key items to unveil at the California show.


Performance series gets new looks, new lever

The second-tier performance series gets black stanchions and a user-friendly compression dial:

The FIT Grip compression adjuster and stealthy stanchions

Fox has revamped its Performance fork series. This second-tier offering lacks the shiny gold Kashima coating found on the Factory-level forks, but packs nearly as much performance in a more affordable package. For 2017, Fox has moved to a stealthy black anodizing on Performance series forks and shocks. 

The company has also simplified compression adjustments by replacing the FIT4 adjuster —  which offers riders the ability to fine-tune low-speed compression damping in the open position, as well quickly switch to firm and locked-out positions — with a single dial that goes from open to firm.

New forks for motorized riders

Fox has this killer 74 honda on display at its booth:

Fox had this killer 1974 Honda on display at its booth

No, we’re not talking about new suspension bits for moto riders — sorry. 

Fox has paid close attention to the burgeoning e-MTB market and is looking to address the specific needs of these bikes by developing suspension forks better suited to their higher weights. The new “E-Bike Optimized” suspension forks have thicker, stiffer chassis and firmer tunes.

Fox has developed suspension forks to meet the unique needs of e-bikes:

Strange times we live in…

X2 and DHX2 shocks get ‘climb switches’ (finally)

Last but certainly not least: Fox has added a lever option to the low-speed compression adjuster on the X2 air shock as well as the DHX2 coil. This two-position lever allows riders quickly firm up the rear suspension for climbs. 

The lever can be retrofitted to existing X2 and DHX2 shocks. There’s a $30 upcharge for the lever option on both of these shocks.


The X2 with the compression switch retails for $629


The DHX2 with the compression lever also retails for $629

Fox-sponsored athletes, such as enduro racer justin leov, have been spotted running switches on their dhx2 and x2 shocks since the beginning of last season:

Fox-sponsored athletes, such as enduro racer Justin Leov, have been spotted running switches on their DHX2 and X2 shocks since the beginning of last season