From Somerset farm to east London pop-up, the M-24 bag range

Tough courier bags handmade in the UK from recycled lorry tarps

If you’re in the market for a tough, distinctive and unique bag to wear on your commute or about town, the M-24 might just fit the bill.


They’re handmade in the UK from recycled lorry tarps, which means they’re very tough, and the pattern of each one is unique. The brand started in 2012 when founder Mat Dusting, a keen snowboarder and skier, decided he needed something hardwearing to carry his equipment. Casting around on his father’s farm in Somerset for materials to use, he began to salvage old lorry curtains, and a business was born. A business that has since opened a pop-up shop at London’s Old Street tube station in Shoreditch.

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The M-24 range includes duffel bags, messengers, backpacks, colourful totes, tough covers for laptops and tablets, washbags, wallets and keychains. The Jerrycan backpack (£75 / US$112 / AU$158) and Chassis messenger bag (£50 / US$75 / AU$105) in particular caught our eye for on-bike duties, and both are available in a large range of colours and unique styles which can be checked out on the M-24 website. Shipping outside the UK costs extra.

Two poppers help close the jerrycan’s rolltop, for extra security: two poppers help close the jerrycan’s rolltop, for extra security

Solid closure for the Jerrycan backpack

The Jerrycan backpack features a roll-top closure with quick-release clip, two poppers to help close the top for extra weather resistance, an inner pocket for documents, and a 20l capacity. The adjustable shoulder straps are made from what appear to be recycled car seat belts.

The chassis messenger has capacity for a 15in laptop, pair of shoes, lunch and more: the chassis messenger has capacity for a 15in laptop, pair of shoes, lunch and more

The Chassis messenger bag has a Velcro closure

The Chassis messenger bag is large enough to hold a 15in laptop (though there’s no inbuilt padding, so by the time you’ve added a protective sleeve you may be limited to a 13in model). It features an adjustable shoulder strap also made from car seat belts, a front pocket for small items, and a vertical Velcro fastening for the flap that emits a distinctive ‘rrrrip’ whenever it’s opened.


Yes we know, there are other bags on the market that have a very similar concept – Swiss company Freitag has found success in continental Europe with more expensive versions – but these M-24 bags look to be similarly rugged and unique, at a much more accessible price.