From underwear to outerwear: Rapha rolls out new clothing

British fashion brand keeps expanding

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Wallets, sunglasses, headphones, handlebar packs… and now boxers and crew necks. Rapha keeps expanding its brand.

The British cycling clothing brand, which began in 2004, this week rolled out some new pieces for spring and summer. 

While the standard pieces you may have come to expect from Rapha — jerseys and jackets with bands on the left arm — get slight tweaks, there is also a host of off-the-bike or at least very casual riding pieces, from merino zip and crew neck tops to merino boxers.

Rapha City Printed Pack Jacket
Courtesy Rapha

Rapha has a limited edition (800 pieces) run of its Classic Rain Jacket and Classic Gilet in a Collector’s Edition design. The former has slats in the black back where pink fabric peeks out from underneath and the latter has a hand-woven back panel in place of the standard mesh.

For a quick overview of some of the highlights, check out the gallery above. 

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The handwoven rear panel on the Collector’s Edition Classic Vest
Courtesy Rapha