FSA launches aggressively priced power meters in conjunction with Power2Max

New PowerBox meters look to be an appealing, budget option

We visited the Cycle Show in Birmingham this week and FSA invited us to have a look at its new PowerBox power meter cranksets produced in collaboration with Power2Max. The cranks are very aggressively priced and are aimed squarely at OEMs and riders who want to dip their toes into the power meter market.


Power2Max and FSA realized that merging its respectively well-matured crank and power meter technologies would result in a far better resolved and affordable solution than developing independent, competing systems.

In what is becoming an increasingly saturated market, FSA wanted its cranks to stand out and focused on ease of use and maintenance to set them apart from the competition.

Both the batteries (with a claimed life of 3-400 hours) and chainrings can be replaced by the end user and if you do swap out the rings, the powermeter will not require re-calibration.

Power2Max has left its mark on the cranks
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The alloy cranks are available in lengths varying from 170mm>175mm and the carbon offering 165mm>180mm. Both utilise a BB386 spindle.

You can either have the cranks in an alloy offering for €649.00 or with hollow carbon arms for €1249.00 (UK, AU and US pricing TBA).

FSA hopes to start shipping the cranks in January, but they are showing up on some stock bikes already; we spied a set on an updated Boardman 9.2 aero road bike.

We spotted this OEM version of the meter on a Boardman Air 9.2
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

Will this be the affordable tool which will finally allow you to quantify your limitless reserves of power? Let us know in the comments below.