Fulcrum launches ‘Comp’ versions of Racing 1 and Zero wheels

Limited edition hoops said to be lighter, stiffer, smoother

Beginning in April, Fulcrum will offer new limited edition ‘Competition’ versions of the Racing Zero and Racing 1. The Italian manufacturer plans to only make a few hundred pairs available worldwide.


The new Limited Edition Racing Zero Competition wheels (US$TBC/£1099.99) are factory tuned with two specific features: adjustable Cult bearings, which Fulcrum claim are nine times smoother than standard steel cartridge bearings.

The smoother bearings are paired with the new ‘Mega Drive Side’ rear hub flange, which is said to make the rear wheel 8-percent stiffer (6.2kg/mm to 5.7kg/mm) in torsional deflection, when compared to the standard 2012 Racing Zero. It’s also interesting to note the new Mega Drive Side flange has no bearing on compliance, or vertical stiffness, according to Fulcrum testing.

Fulcrum say the upgrades make the new wheels lighter, with a 25g weight saving from the rear wheel (now 800g). The limited edition Zero Competition wheels also sport all-new graphics.

The new flange drops 43g fromt he standard racing 1 rear wheel: the new flange drops 43g fromt he standard racing 1 rear wheel

Racing 1 Competition sees a 43g weight reduction and an 8-percent increase in stiffness


The Racing 1 Competition model (US$TBC, £799.99) see even greater benefits from the Mega Drive Side structural change; it is 5-percent lighter — dropping from 851g to 808g — and sees the same 8-percent increase in torsional stiffness; of course, they too get a new graphics treatment to set them apart. The Racing 1 Competition wheels run on standard bearings, thus the difference in price from the Zeros.