Fulcrum Racing Zero Comp Ltd Edition wheels

Video unboxing of up-specced aluminium road clinchers

We’ve just been sent Fulcrum’s new Racing Zero Comp Limited Edition road wheels for testing. They’ve been given a pro-level up-speccing with adjustable CULT ceramic bearings, which are claimed to be nine times smoother than standard steel cartridge bearings.


The wheels are also claimed to be eight percent stiffer (5.7kg/mm vs 6.2kg/mm) than the already-impressive 2012 Racing Zeros due to a change to a larger Mega Drive Side hub flange. These changes translate into a weight saving for the rear wheel, which is down from 825g to 800g. The quick-release skewers have an all new design too, with a lighter, more aerodynamic closure.

The Limited Edition wheels are restricted to 2,012 pairs worldwide, but the promise of improved stiffness and smoothness, not to mention the cool, understated graphics, means these ones go straight onto our wishlist. RRP is £1,099.99. Check out the video unboxing below to find out more:

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Click here for a quarter-screen version of the video.


There’s a Limited Edition version of the Racing 1 Comp wheelset, too. This gains the same Mega Drive Side hub flange, boost in torsional stiffness and new graphics treatment. Rear wheel weight is down five percent from 851g to 808g. RRP is £799.99, with Fulcrum wheels available via I-Ride in the UK.