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New Fulcrum Speed 25 wheelset pitched to deliver “maximum performance uphill”

Speed 25 carbon wheelset is all about conquering the mountains

Fulcrum Speed 25 wheelset

Fulcrum has launched its new Speed 25 carbon wheelset, aimed primarily at maximising climbing speed with a lightweight design.

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The Speed 25s integrate much of Fulcrum’s top-tier technology, arriving at a 1,285g total claimed weight.

Lightweight design

The Speed 25 front wheel features a symmetric profile for optimised aero.

The Italian brand says it has been able to keep overall weight to a minimum by using its Direct Inmold Matt Finish (DIMF) process, applied to the rim’s unidirectional carbon fibre construction.

This removes the need for any additional protective treatments to the rim that might add additional bulk, producing an almost-raw look. The hubs have been on a diet too.

The new wheels feature 26mm-deep rims. At the rear, there’s an asymmetric profile that’s said to be optimised for lateral stiffness and to offer improved reactivity when climbing.

The front wheel retains a symmetrical design, which Fulcrum claims offers a small aerodynamic gain.

This blend of rim profile, Fulcrum says, optimises the handling of the Speed 25s when descending, offering a stable ride in crosswinds.

Optimised for 28mm tyres

The rear wheel has an asymmetric profile to offer greater responsiveness.

The rims are 21mm wide internally with an external width of 27.6mm. Fulcrum says the wheels are suitable for tyres ranging from 25 to 35mm wide, but are optimised for use with 28mm rubber.

The wheels use Fulcrum’s 2-Way Fit hooked design, which offers the choice of running a tubed or tubeless setup.

The wheels also use the brand’s Momag spoke-positioning technology. This sees the nipples installed in the sealed rim bed using a magnet rather than being drilled through the rim. This negates the need for any rim tape to be fitted if you do choose to run them tubeless.

Ceramic hub bearings

The hubs feature USB ceramic bearings.

The wheels also use Fulcrum’s premium ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearings, which are claimed to reduce rolling resistance by 50 per cent compared to standard steel bearings.

The freehub body features a 36-tooth ratchet system, with a 10-degree engagement angle, and everything is laced together using 24 bladed, aero-optimised spokes in each wheel.

Fulcrum Speed 25 prices

The Speed 25 wheelset is available now with Shimano/SRAM HG11, XDR, and Campagnolo’s N3W freehub bodies.

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Prices start at £1,999.99 / $2,586 / €2,186 for the HG11 version, with some minor variations in price for the XDR and N3W formats in Europe and the US.