Garmin broadens Vector compatibility for thicker crank arms

Vector can now pair to S-Works and Rotor Flow cranks

Garmin Vector: now compatible with more cranks

The crank compatibility of the Garmin Vector pedal-based power meter system has been increased with the introduction version for extra thick and wide crank arms.


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The Vector system, released in August last year, can now be used on chunkier cranks thicker than 15mm and with a width greater than 44mm such as Specialized S-Works FACT carbon arms and Rotor’s Flow crank arm. FSA cranks such as FSA SL-K Light Cranks which were right on the limit of compatibility should also benefit from the new wider tolerances.

The new version pod that houses the system’s sophisticated internals has been adapted to ensure the rubber cable can reach around crank and that a small gap between pod and crank arm is maintained.


The Garmin Vector power meter pedals with the new larger pedal pods will cost the same price as the original Vector: US$1,699 and £1,349.