Garmin launch iPhone / Android bike computer app

Shows route and ride data; uploads to Garmin Connect; ANT+ option

Garmin have released an app that turns your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone into a cycle computer. Garmin Fit displays your route, speed, pace, distance travelled, elevation, time and calories burned while on the bike.


It also uploads the data to Garmin Connect so you can analyse the data post-ride, view your route and share the information with others. An optional ANT+ adapter for the iPhone (£39.99/$49.99) enables you to record heart rate and cadence, too – as long as you have a compatible chest strap and spoke chip.

Calls, text messages and music can be controlled from within the app, meaning you won’t lose your data every time someone calls. The app will display the previous 30 days of Garmin Connect history, making it easy to track your progress. It costs just £0.69/$0.99 from iTunes or Android Market and is available now.

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Video: Garmin Fit iPhone/Android app


It’s an interesting development from Garmin, who’ve established themselves as world leaders in the satellite navigation market. By giving cyclists access to all the information they’re likely to need at such a low price, are they making their standalone bike GPS units redundant? Or will people still be more comfortable using their waterproof, durable GPS computer on rides rather than a more fragile smartphone? Have your say in the comments box below…