Garmin launches Edge 20 and Edge 25 GPS bike computers

New Edge models claimed to be smallest GPS head units in the world

Garmin has announced its new Edge 20 and Edge 25 bike computers – the smallest GPS cycling computers in the world.


Taking the title from Lezyne’s Mini GPS, Garmin’s new Edge 20 (£110 / US$129) and Edge 25 (£140 / US$169) head units are claimed to be the tiniest, and lightest, GPS-equipped models on the market, while still offering a full feature set.

Garmin has come up with a handy video to outline the features, which can be seen below.

Garmin edge 20 and edge 25

The computers use GPS and GLONASS navigation satellites to give you data including speed, distance, location, time and total ascent.

Despite their diminutive sizes, Garmin has also squeezed in routing capability. Riders are able to follow downloaded routes, giving a line to follow without full mapping, but with turn indications.

The Edge 25 also boasts ANT+ compatibility, allowing the addition of heart rate and cadence via compatible sensors. Power meter compatibility is not available. The Edge 25 can be purchased with a heart rate strap included for £170 / US$199.

The more expensive unit also offers Bluetooth connectivity. This gives users the option of utilising live tracking, smart notifications and wireless uploads when paired with a smartphone. You can also share activities and upload to Garmin Connect immediately post ride. Edge 20 users will need to connect to a PC or Mac for upload.

Battery life is claimed at eight hours for both of the new Edge units.

The computers are operated by four buttons around the face: the computers are operated by four buttons around the face
The new Edge units are operated by four buttons around the screen

The new Edge 20 and 25 units could be a hit with weight weenies, while they could also benefit complicated time trial cockpits.

We’ll have the new computers in for review as soon as possible.


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