Garmin-Transitions to ride Mavic wheels

Team will help with product development

Mavic have promised Team Garmin-Transitions new wheels for the Tour de France.


The US ProTour team will start the season with a mix of Cosmic Carbon Ultimate tubulars and R-SYS Premium and Cosmic Carbone SLR clinchers for competition, plus Ksyrium wheels for training.

But as part of their new two-year sponsorship deal, the team will help test and develop new wheel systems for the French company.

The decision to swap from Zipp to Mavic is said to have come after road tests and, most importantly, wind tunnel testing.

“Mavic are committed to providing our riders with the best technology possible,” said Jonathan Vaughters, CEO of Slipstream Sports. “This partnership is all about technology, and Mavic will work closely with our riders, mechanics and staff to continue to develop the best possible wheel systems.”

“These guys have a real passion for gaining a technological edge,” said Sean Sullivan, Mavic’s US marketing director. “That was an important thing for us as we’ll be working with them very closely on the development of some new products. Having a team that is so based in aerodynamics and time trialling was one of the reasons why we were so interested.”

The first test of this new partnership is only a few months away, centring on the question of what wheels the team will use for the classics. Previously, Garmin capitalized on Zipp’s willingness to build specific carbon wheels for these races.


It will be interesting to see if the team choose the proven, yet traditional, box section Reflex rims already in Mavic’s line or if the French company will produce some specific prototype for these brutal events. No doubt, Mavic’s time trial specific i0 and Comete will appeal for the team’s mid-season initiatives.