Garmin Vector power meter release date pushed back

No longer expected for summer 2012

Garmin have announced another delay to their keenly anticipated Vector pedal-based power meter. After saying earlier this year that the release date would be in summer 2012, it’s now been pushed back indefinitely.


“After testing our latest advanced prototypes of the Vector system, we are still not satisfied with the results,” said Garmin in a statement. “As you can imagine, Vector is a complex, precision measurement instrument and as of yet, we are unable to ensure that this device will meet the expectations of the cycling community.

“Presently, we cannot estimate a delivery date but we do not expect the product to be ready in the summer of 2012, as previously targeted. We understand that this is a highly anticipated product within the cycling community, but Garmin’s commitment to quality necessitates this additional delay. We will update our customers when we have additional information to share.”

Garmin have already been beaten to the punch by Look/Polar in the pedal power meter stakes. The Look KeO power system is now available, although it represents a sizeable investment (to the tune of £1599). Also, based on our testing of a prototype set, there were some issues with it correctly zeroing mid-ride. However, the fact that it’s on the market now and can be improved upon gives it an advantage of the Garmin Vector, which is clearly not passing muster at the moment.

The garmin vector pedal based power meter:

The Garmin Vector pedal based power meter