Gear round-up: Diadora, Catlike. Lezyne and EVOC

Latest shoes, helmets, tools and luggage

Diadora have a huge range of road and mountain bike shoes in their 2011 collection, covering the whole pricing spectrum and with kids’ sizes too.


Starting with their road offerings, the €269.95 Proracer 3 features all of Diadora’s latest technologies including their patented closure system, quick adjustment fastening strap, plenty of ventilation and maximum power transfer via the stiff full-carbon sole. A removable anti-slip heel pad made of Duratech rubber offers high abrasion resistance.

The €189.95 Speedracer is the next step down, with a composite sole and Diadora’s Performance closure system. This features four-point adjustment, a replaceable ratchet and buckle, a Double Speedlace system designed to accommodate every foot size and a removable heel pad.

Diadora Speedracer Carbon
Diadora speedracer carbon: diadora speedracer carbon
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Diadora’s Speedracer Carbon boasts some neat features under the lairy colour scheme

For mountain bikers there are some improvements to the company’s €249.95 Protrail Carbon shoe, including a new outsole and improved closures. There’s a plate on the sole to protect the carbon from damage, and this also improves stability when walking. A €169.95 Polaris winter boot is available too, plus Diadora cater for juniors with shoes available in sizes 33-37.

Diadora Polaris winter boot €169.95
Diadora polaris winter boot €169.95: diadora polaris winter boot €169.95
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Diadora’s Polaris boot looks like it could be just the thing for wet, muddy winter rides

Diadora’s Unique Feet Insole pack takes into consideration the different biomechanical position you have when on the bike. There are two heat-mouldable cork insoles in the set that, when microwaved and inserted into the shoe, will provide shock absorption and equal pressure distribution. This aftermarket set is likely to cost around €30.

Unique Feet insole with heat-mouldable cork inserts
Unique feet insole with heat-mouldable cork inserts: unique feet insole with heat-mouldable cork inserts
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Diadora’s Unique Feet pack gives you heat-mouldable cork insoles for €30


Catlike have updated the retention system on their top-end Whisper Plus Deluxe helmet for 2011, and this has helped shed a few grams. There are six new colours to choose from, as well as the option to change peaks (US: visors) for even more colour mashup options. 

The new lid will be available in January, with prices to be confirmed. Other helmets in the Catlike collection get new colours and peaks, including the Kompact Pro, Vacuum and Diablo.

Catlike Whisper Plus Deluxe
Catlike whisper plus deluxe: catlike whisper plus deluxe
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Catlike’s 2011 Whisper Plus Deluxe is lighter, more secure and available in an array of colour options


Lezyne have a few new products in their accessory range including the CFH system. At first glance this appears to be a normal mini pump with an old-school hose valve attachment, but detach the braided steel hose from the pump and attach it to a CO2 cartridge and you have a high-speed inflator. The pack includes a neat mount and two cartridges. RRP is £55.

Lezyne's Road Drive CFH pump
Lezyne’s road drive cfh pump: lezyne’s road drive cfh pump
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

The Road Drive CFH pack includes a pump, inflator and two CO2 cartridges

If you’ve ever struggled to inflate tubeless mountain bike tyres with a traditional track pump, then Lezyne have made the Dirt Floor Drive just for you. They say it provides 50 percent more volume than a standard floor pump and can seat tyre beads on tubeless systems with ease. An extra-long rubber hose and threaded aluminium connection valve are other highlights of this £50-90 pump.

Lezyne's Dirt Floor Drive pump selection
Lezyne’s dirt floor drive selection:
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

The Dirt Floor Drive is a high-volume track pump ideal for seating tubeless tyres

The Travel Floor Drive is for riders who demand the power of a classic track pump in a smaller, more portable package. Lightweight and 33 percent shorter than a track pump, all parts are made from custom CNC-machined aluminium and it comes with a travel case. RRP is £79.99.

Lezyne's Travel Floor Drive pump
Lezyne’s travel floor drive:
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

The Travel Floor Drive claims to offer track pump performance in a portable package

Lezyne's CNC bottle cages
Lezyne’s cnc bottle cages: lezyne’s cnc bottle cages
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Lezyne also have a new set of bottle cages priced at £16.99 each

Lezyne's 11 Speed Chain Drive
Lezyne’s 11 speed chain drive:
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

This Campagnolo 11-speed chaintool is CNC machined, has removable pins and will cost £25

Lezyne's lever and puncture repair kit
Lezyne’s lever and puncture repair kit:
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

This neat puncture repair kit and tyre lever combo will cost around £9


As well as signing up UK downhill legend Steve Peat to use their kit, EVOC have some new bags in their range too. A new 10-litre pack with bladder is now available, plus a Freeride Trail 20-litre version with room to strap a helmet, plenty of pockets and waterproof fabric. The company’s well-received bike bag is joined by a colour-matched set of accessories including various sizes of rucksacks and cases.

EVOC travel case and collection in purple, blue and green
EVOC travel case and collection in purple, blue and green: evoc travel case and collection in purple, blue and green
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

EVOC’s travel case and bag collection is available in this purple, blue and green colourway