Gee Atherton races a peregrine falcon

Downhill racer versus the world’s fastest bird of prey

Being prey makes one pedal faster

One has to wonder who sits around and thinks these stunts up. We’ve seen man versus motorcycle, when Gee Atherton beat moto racer David Knight down the Fort William downhill course. The 2010 downhill world champ even bested all but a handful of the 400 riders in hot pursuit during the Redbull Fox Hunt. But his latest challenge, outpacing the world’s fastest bird of prey, may take the cake.


The peregrine falcon hunts from above, swooping down on its prey at speeds exceeding 200mph (322 km/h).

While Gee’s no slouch on a bike, he’s certainly not capable of such speeds. Then again, he might be motivated to pedal a bit faster with a bag of meat attached to his back…


Check out the video to see who wins the battle of bike versus bird. 

Gee atherton races a peregrine falcon