Gee Atherton vs David Knight at Fort William

What's fastest down the hill – pedal power or a four-stroke?

Downhill racer Gee Atherton took on enduro motorbike champion David Knight at Fort William in Scotland for a Red Bull challenge

Red Bull have a reputation for coming up with some pretty crazy bike-based events – think the Red Bull Rampage and the upcoming Mini Drone race. For their latest challenge, Gee Atherton found himself racing enduro motorbike champ David Knight down the Fort William downhill course in Scotland.


Atherton, the reigning World Cup champion, had the advantage of knowing the course well, having raced there dozens of times. But Knight, the current Enduro E3 world champion, had a four-stroke engine to power him across Aonach Mor.


So which won out? Pedal power or petrol power? Watch the clip below to find out:

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