General Motors’ new electric bikes could earn you $10,000

Folding and compact electric bikes to go on sale next year


General Motors has just announced two urban mobility e-bikes, one folding and one compact, that are due to go on sale next year. However, it is looking for a brand name for these new machines.

So, GM has launched a competition allowing the general public to submit a brand proposal that reflects its vision for modern transportation concepts.

The winner will receive a $10,000 reward and nine runners-up will receive $1,000 each.

It’s interesting to see traditional car manufacturers considering the impact that electrified mobility can have. Recently there appears to be a positive move to embrace and develop this new technology.

The GM e-bike looks to fold compactly
The GM e-bike looks to fold compactly
General Motors

Incidentally, Elon Musk recently hinted in an interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher at a possible future direction for Tesla in bicycles: “I think we might do an electric bike”.

Unlike some other attempts by car-manufacturers, the design of GM’s e-bikes actually looks rather interesting.

However, we currently only have limited details other than the claim that GM has “blended [its] electrification engineering know-how, design talents and automotive grade testing” to create “innovative, integrated and connected eBikes.”

We’ll have to wait to see what that actually means, but there is no doubt that the huge resources of the automotive industry could potentially lead to some interesting developments.

We haven't seen this motor before... is it a proprietary system?
We haven’t seen this motor before… is it a proprietary system?
General Motors

The branding competition is open until 3pm GMT / 7am PT on 26 November. Winners will be announced by the end of January 2019.


For more details, a more comprehensive look at the brief and to enter you can visit the challenge page.