Genesis Equilibrium road bikes to be fitted with 28C tyres as standard

UK steel specialist says move will benefit most riders

UK steel bike specialist Genesis will fit its entire range of all-rounder bikes with larger volume 28C tyres from mid-2014.


Genesis product manager Albert Steward told BikeRadar that the 2015 line-up of Reynolds-tubed Equilbrium 00, 10, 20 and the top of the range butted titanium frames would feature 28C wheels as standard, saying it was natural progression for the bike which majors on comfort and practicality.

“There’s enough data from tyre manufacturers [to say] that larger volume tyres roll faster,” he said. “Yes, there’s a bit of a weight penalty but for the people who aren’t chasing the grams it makes perfect sense.”

Larger volume tyres are steadily gaining traction on road bikes, which have mostly been specced with 23C tyres – particularly at the performance end of the range. A large number of top-flight professional teams now rig their bikes with 24mm and 25mm wide tyres, which are said to give less rolling resistance over their skinnier counterparts, puncture less frequently and in some cases improve aerodynamic performance.

Steward said the development was also in keeping with the brand’s position of making bikes suited to the UK’s dodgy road conditions.

He said: “I guess we’re viewed in a way as being with quirky British attributes really and I think the extension from the UK design aspect in terms of long drop brake callipers, mudguards is larger volume tyres – the roads certainly aren’t getting any better.”


The new bikes – first launched in 2008 – will be unveiled in June 2014, and be on the market by July.