Giant officially launches expanded 2016 helmet collection

New Rail MTB model, Rivet aero road lid, Rivet TT helmet and revamped Rev

Giant is greatly expanding its collection of cycling helmets this spring with the debut of three all-new models at the Sea Otter Classic: the Rivet aero road helmet, the Rivet TT for time trials and triathlon, and the fantastic-looking Rail for trail riding. The existing Rev also gets a major redesign, effectively turning it into a completely different helmet.


Rail that berm

Giant’s new road helmets certainly look appealing but we’re perhaps most excited about the upcoming Rail mountain bike lid since most trail-focused models on the market still fall short when it comes to ventilation. To overcome this, Giant has not only outfitted the new Rail with gargantuan vents throughout the extended-coverage shell but also unusually deep internal channeling – even along the sides – that promise plenty of air flow across your head, too.

Giant has outfitted its new rail trail helmet with not only lots of huge vents throughout the shell but also very deep internal channeling that will help move that air around on your head:

Venting on the new Giant Rail/Liv Infinita trail helmets looks outstanding

In addition to the additional protection out back, other trail-specific features include a highly adjustable visor, an optional GoPro camera mount, built-in goggle strap clips, ultralight webbing with fixed splitters, antimicrobial padding and Giant’s Cinch Pro retention system.

The new Rail will be offered in five colors and three shell sizes – plus three additional sizes with more rounded headforms specifically for Asian markets. There will also be two women-specific colorways marketed under the Liv Infinita moniker but with the same size options.

The giant rail trail helmet also has an optional gopro mount and built-in goggle strap anchors. the gopro mount is situated quite low, too, which giant says makes for a better video perspective than typical locations atop the shell:

The new Giant Rail/Liv Infinita trail helmets also feature highly adjustable visors, built-in goggle strap clips, and optional GoPro camera mounts

Claimed weight for a medium CPSC-approved Rail or Infinita is 275g including visor. Best of all, the retail price is reasonable at US$130.

Sprint to the finish on the Rivet

Giant-Alpecin team riders have already been using Giant’s new aero road helmet for several months but now we finally know what it’s called: Rivet. Like most other aero road helmets, Rivet features a trim outer profile and a notably clipped tail that supposedly generates less drag than more traditional shapes. Rather than focus on outright speed in one orientation, Giant also says that the Rivet was designed to be speedy across a wide range of wind directions and rider head positions.

Giant-Alpecin team riders have been using the new rivet aero road helmet for several months now and it’ll now be available to the general market in about a month:

Giant-Alpecin team riders have been using the new Giant Rivet/Liv Attacca aero road helmet for several months already

Like with the Rail, however, rider comfort in warm temperatures was clearly a key priority on Rivet with big intake and exhaust ports plus deep internal channeling connecting them all together to promote flow-through ventilation at speed. According to Giant, these ‘AeroVent’ ports are also “aerodynamically neutral” – meaning they supposedly create no more drag than if they weren’t there at all.

Similar to Rail, Rivet will also include lightweight webbing with fixed sliders, antimicrobial padding and Giant’s Cinch Pro retention system.

Deep internal channeling and big entry ports up front promise good ventilation on giant’s new rivet aero road helmet:

Deep internal channeling promises good airflow – at least at reasonable moving speeds

Rivet will be available in four different colors and three standard sizes, plus three additional modified sizes for Asian markets. There will also be two women-specific Liv colorways under the Liv Attacca model name.

Claimed weight for the Rivet is a bit on the heftier side at 300g for a medium, CPSC-approved sample. Retail price is US$160.

Giant goes after the TT/Tri market with Rivet TT

Continuing the aero theme is the new Rivet TT, aimed at time trial racers and triathletes with its full-blown teardrop shape and flexible ear covers. As with the standard Rivet, Giant says the Rivet TT’s venting system generates no more drag than omitting them altogether while still keeping a rider more comfortable in warm conditions thanks to a mix of forward-facing intake vents, a big exhaust port, and deep internal channels.

Also coming from giant is the new rivet tt for time trials and triathlons. according to giant, the main goal aerodynamically was to make the shape fast in all wind conditions and a wide range of head positions:

Also coming soon is the Giant Rivet TT/Liv Attacca TT aero helmet for time trials and triathlons

The short tail is intended to maintain good aerodynamic performance at a wide range of wind angles and rider head positions, too, while the uniquely flattened surfaces on the rear of the helmet supposedly helps air ‘stick’ to the rider’s back to reduce drag.

As with Giant’s other high-end helmet releases, the Rivet TT comes with lightweight webbing, fixed sliders and the Cinch Pro retention system. Just two colors will be available in both the men’s and women’s Liv Attacca TT models, however, but with the same range of three-plus-three helmet sizes.

The flexible ear covers help maintain a trim profile on the new giant rivet tt helmet but the internal channeling and various air vents promise to keep things comfortable in warm weather, too:

More internal channeling promises to make the new aero helmet reasonably comfortable in warm conditions

Claimed weight for a medium CPSC-approved sample is 300g and retail price is US$229.

The heavily revamped Rev

Finally, Giant has made some big upgrades to the existing Rev and Rev Liv general-purpose road helmets, which feature similar exterior shapes to the current model but with a new internal skeleton that now allows for much bigger vents and deeper internal channels for better airflow.

Giant’s standard rev road helmet gets a big update for 2016 with a new internal reinforcement cage that now allows for bigger vents and much deeper internal channeling, which should greatly boost the helmet’s comfort in warm weather:

The new Rev looks like it’ll be a great all-around road helmet

The same lightweight webbing, antimicrobial padding materials and Cinch Pro retention system from the other helmet models are also used on the new Rev but in this case, Giant is sticking to conventional cam-lock sliders instead of a stitched-together layout.

Five men’s and two women-specific colors will be available, each in the same three-plus-three size options as the rest of Giant’s new helmet range.

Such channeling wouldn’t have been possible were it not for the revised giant rev’s new internal rollcage structure:

Ventilation on the new Rev model looks to be much improved over its predecessor

Claimed weight for a medium CPSC-approved Rev is 245g and retail price is US$150.

All of the new helmets should be available in stores in about a month and BikeRadar will have test samples in about a week. Pricing for other regions is to be confirmed.


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