Gold plated bike up for grabs

Permission to use the word 'bling'

The UK’s Environmental Transport Association is offering people a chance to win (or even buy) a gold plated bike worth nearly £10,000.


The machine started life as a lowly Charge Plug, a popular singlespeed bike. But very little of the bike is now standard. The frame was stripped, polished, plated in copper and then finished in 24ct gold. The wheels have been re-built using deep-v rims and the chain, seat and bars are custom.

This impressive prize is aimed at persuading cyclists to sign up for ETA’s cycle insurance, which it calls the “most comprehensive on the market.” It includes £1 million third party indemnity; up to £4000 cover for theft (new-for-old replacement); accidental damage and vandalism; legal aid; personal accident cover and a breakdown recovery service.

To enter the competition, you don’t have to take out a policy, just get a quote from ETA via

Alternatively, if you’ve got £9,500 burning a hole in your pocket, you can actually buy one of these gold-plated machines from ETA, who will use the money for campaigning for sustainable transport.


Ironically, because the bike’s value exceeds the £4000 theft cover offered by ETA, the organisation is offering a security guard with the bike. ETA told BikeRadar that it would cost a “five figure sum” for this optional extra. Thus, this particular bike seems to be one not worth insuring.