Good news, bar tape is now gravel-specific

The £33 Fizik Terra tape has been designed with gravel riders in mind

Fizik’s new range of bar tapes include a gravel-specific range with features that have been designed with the discerning gravel rider in mind.


The new bar tape, named Terra, features ample padding thanks to a polymer foam that Fizik has dubbed Bondcrush. It claims that this padding helps to absorb road buzz.

Vibrant and muted colours feature in Fizik’s new range of bar tapes
Alex Evans

The Microtex outer layer of the tape is at the tackiest end of Fizik’s scale and should provide a grippy and planted connection between your hands and the bars.

The tape is backed by a sticky gel layer that does away with the traditional adhesive tape, so you can easily remove and refit your bar tape to clean your bike after you’ve got caked in mud and grime from your latest gravel adventure.

Weighing 143g and available in six muted pastel-like colours, this could be the perfect tape for those who like to play dirty.

The gravel-specific tape is called Terra and features more cushioning than the other models
Alex Evans

Fizik’s nomenclature of grip and padding options is fairly simple: Microtex is the thinnest tape option that’s around 2mm thick, and Microtext Bondcrush is the mid-padding option that comes in at approximately 3mm thick. Solocush sits between the two padding options and is around 2.7mm thick.

Fizik has also released two other accompanying model ranges, Tempo and Vento.

The Tempo tape is designed for sportive or causual riders
Alex Evans

Tempo is specifically aimed at the weekend warrior and comes in three variations: the Microtex classic, Microtex Bondcrush classic and Microtex Bondcrush soft.

The Microtex Bondcrush classic in black weighs 113g. Prices range from £17.99 to £21.99 and they’re available in plenty of colours including a selection of in-your-face numbers.

The race-orientated Vento range comes in the tacky compound exclusively, but features Solocrush and Microtex padding options. These are available in a plethora of bright colours or muted tones depending on your tastes.

Vento features the least padding but plenty of grip for riders looking to go fast
Alex Evans

A set of Vento Solocrush tacky tapes weigh 83g in the bright pink colour and will set you back £33.99


The bar tape is available to buy now from your local Fizik retailer.