Google Maps adds cycling directions in Canada

No news yet on when feature will be available in UK

Cycling directions are to be added to Google Maps in Canada

Cycling directions are to be added to Google Maps in Canada, raising hopes that the feature – which launched in the US in March – could soon be made available in other countries, including the UK.


Users in nine major Canadian cities which have shared data with Google will be able to bring up details of bike paths and cycle lanes, while cyclists in the rest of the country will be steered towards roads that have lighter traffic. Riders can opt to avoid big hills or find short cuts.

The cities that will have enhanced cycle mapping are: Calgary, Edmonton, Gatineau, Kelowna, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Waterloo and Winnipeg. As with the US launch, Google want people to use their reporting tool to flag up any errors or suggest bike routes. The feature is due to launch later this week.


Google UK say they have no timeframe for the introduction of cycling directions. However, they told BikeRadar: “We know it’s a much requested and useful feature, and we’d love to bring it to more places.”