GoPro drone set for launch in 2015

Wall Street Journal says sub $1,000 drone is in the works

Bike action camera specialist GoPro is creating a line of multi-rotor drones equipped with high-definition cameras, according to the Wall Street Journal.


The report states that “people familiar with its [GoPro’s] plans” says these new GoPro drones are likely to go on sale by the end of next year with a price of between US$500 and $1000 (around £315 to £630, AU$580 to $1,165).

The move into drones is said to have come from a combination of the fact that many of the multi-rotor drones currently available are sold with GoPros as their cameras of choice, and also that other companies are now moving into the market with their own integrated camera drones.

We’ve already seen the amazing Airdog auto-following drone, but GoPro’s pedigree in the action cam arena could quickly see the brand’s unit become the number one choice in the sports world, allowing riders to capture friends’ downhill runs, jumps and tricks like never before, while also making the technology more accessible and widespread.


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