GoPro Hero 4 action camera on the way? – Eurobike 2013

What's GoPro's next move to see off the Garmin VIRB

GoPro's Isabel Pakowski laughing lots about a potential GoPro Hero 4

Is a successor to the hugely successful GoPro Hero 3 on the way? BikeRadar caught up with Isabel Pakowski, GoPro’s European PR at Eurobike for this video and reckon that yes, there probably is.


Isabel pakowski from go pro talks about healthy competition with the garmin virb

Video: GoPro on HERO4 rumours and Garmin VIRB

It’s hardly rocket science though: circumstances demand it too. New to the action camera arms race is the Garmin VIRB and VIRB Elite. It would be unthinkable that a company as savvy as GoPro wouldn’t be working to develop the next big thing.   


Pakowski said: “We work very, very hard on improving everything, improving the software, improving the product and stoking out fans even more and encouraging people to capture, manage and share content.”