Gore shifts out of cable business

SRAM to continue offering its Gore cable and housing "for foreseeable future"

Gore Ride-On will soon be gone

Despite the popularity of its sealed cable housing systems, Gore is pulling out of the market beginning this fall. While Gore Bike Wear will continue as part of the tech giant’s business, the cables and housing proved too small of an effort to make it worthwhile, according to sources close to the company.


The bike industry trade website Bicycle Retailer reported Wednesday that Gore will only be accepting orders from its distributors such as SRAM through October, and that it will fulfill all orders before ceasing production.

SRAM currently sells Gore Ride-On cables and housing as part of its Red component group, and as a stand-alone product. Company spokesman Michael Zellmann told BikeRadar that the company will continue to offer Gore cables as part of its product mix “for the foreseeable future.”

“Obviously we have a good relationship with Gore, and we are going to continue with them for the foreseeable future. They may not be making them for the world, but they will for us,” Zellmann said.

Road brand manager Gaetan Vetois conceded that “it was a pity” that Gore was pulling out, and that the company was “exploring other solutions.”

Gore introduced the Professional Ride-On system in 2009, and now offers a few different products directly to riders as well as what it sells to SRAM.

As for alternative fully sealed systems, there aren’t many options. Bicycle Retailer reported that Gore’s cabling is made by Jagwire, which has its own brand of cables and housing. It is unclear whether Gore patents would prevent Jagwire from selling a similar product on its own.


BikeRadar attempted to contact Lois Mabon, product manager of Gore cables, but was unable to reach her in person at Eurobike or via email.

Gore ride-on will soon be gone: