Got big feet and run flat pedals? The Crankbrothers Stamp is for you

New flat pedals with size-specific design

If you’ve got big feet then finding the right flat pedals can be quite a difficult task, and yet it’s one that may have just got a whole lot easier thanks to some alternative thinking from Crankbrothers. That’s because the new-for-2016 Stamp pedals are produced in two sizes: small, for riders with feet up to a  US10 / UK size 9.5 / EU43, and large, for anyone who sits above that – according to the packaging they’re good for anyone up to a US15 / UK14.5 / EU48.  


Crankbrothers firmly believes that pedal sizing shouldn’t be a one–size-fits-all affair, and isn’t alone with their thinking. In fact, this year has seen a few manufacturers opting for size-specific pedals.

So, just how much of a difference are we talking? Well, the footprint of the large Stamp sits at 114mmx111mm compared to the square 100mmx100mm platform of the smaller size pedal. Take a look at the image below that we took of the Stamp pedals, both are placed against the same UK size 12 shoe.

The crankbrothers stamp in large (l) and small(r) sizes, both pictured against a uk size 12 shoe :

The size large Stamp (L) versus a small Stamp (R) when both placed against a UK12 sole

Sizing aside, the £117/ US$150 / €150 Stamps are a forged aluminium construction, and their concave bodies rotate only on bushings, albeit very fancy ones – known as the Igus Iglide, they’re said to offer better durability than sealed bearings and allow for an extra low profile platform. Also inside is a steel axle, at the end of which is a grease port for easy maintenance. No fewer than 10 adjustable pins feature on each side.

We popped the Stamps on our scales and the results were surprising: both small and large versions came in quite significantly under their claimed weight, the smaller versions we measured at 346g rather than the official figure of 375g, the large versions we found to be 374g, a big difference from the 405g claimed weight on the Crankbrothers website. Both sizes of Stamp are available in a black or red finish.


Of course, we don’t actually know if these are any good yet but will shortly be handing them over to a chap with a suitably large footprint and a preference for flats to give them a hard time. It’s fair to say that in the past you wouldn’t have chosen Crankbrothers pedals for their durability, so it’s reassuring to see a five-year warranty included with each set. As usual, keep those eyes peeled for a full review.