Graeme Obree to attend Cycling Plus Weekenders

Flying Scot to share his cycling experiences with attendees

Graeme Obree is poised to attend as guest of honour at the Cycling Plus Weekender events

Maverick and all-round cycling legend Graeme Obree is set to join the upcoming Cycling Plus Weekenders to share his career experiences and show how riders can get the best out of themselves on a bike.


The Scot, a former hour record holder, track world champion, serial bike innovator and author of The Obree Way: A Training Manual for Cyclists, will attend all three Cycling Plus Weekendercamps to equip attendees with the all the expert advice and guidance they need to make 2014 their best-ever year on the bike.

Obree, known for his enthusiasm and sparkling wit, will reflect on his career and his dramatic life story with guests – and he’ll probably join in the riding too.

Cycling Plus Editor Rob Spedding said: “I’ve been lucky enough to meet and interview Graeme a couple of times and I can’t wait to catch up with him again at the Cycling Plus Weekenders.”

Over the course of his career, the 48-year-old broke the hour record twice, endured running battles with UCI officialdom over his unorthodox but highly successful bikes and riding positions, and, off the bike, battled depression and alcoholism.

Obree was nominated for the Rectorship of Glasgow University last month. In September 2013, Obree set a new record for the fast speed while cycling in the prone position at the World Human Speed Championships at Battle Mountain, Nevada.

For your chance to meet Obree and get in gear for a super summer of cycling, book your tickets to the three events in Cheshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire at the Cycling Plus Weekenders website.

Graeme obree on training the obree way

Video: Graeme Obree on training the Obree way