GripGrab releases Explorer overshoes (yes, gravel-specific overshoes are now a thing)

The GripGrab Explorer may be the first gravel overshoe

GripGrab Explorer overshoe.

With every passing day, or at least season, there seems to be more gravel-specific kit on the market, and you can now add overshoes to that list, thanks to GripGrab.


The Scandinavian brand has released the Explorer Waterproof Gravel Overshoes, which are said to be tailored to the needs of gravel riding in foul weather.

The Explorer Overshoes have a three-layer waterproof construction, reinforcement and, like some of GripGrab’s other overshoes, a zipper-free design.

Why make a gravel overshoe?

GripGrab realised the market for a gravel overshoe after releasing the Flandrien.

GripGrab says it was made aware of the demand for a gravel overshoe following the release of its Flandrien overshoe.

The brand says riders asked when a more robust version of the Flandrien would be available, after seeing the waterproof design.

The Explorer overshoes are said to meet those riders’ demands, with the design receiving input from “elite gravel riders”, who tested the product through different weather conditions.

Waterproof construction and reinforcement

The overshoe is zipperless and has a waterproof construction.

GripGrab says the Explorer overshoes are versatile and suitable for year-round use, thanks to waterproofing and reinforcement.

The overshoes use a three-layer waterproof construction. There is an insulated knitted layer, which sits closest to your gravel shoes (presumably you won’t be using these with road shoes), a waterproof membrane and a robust outer knitted layer.

The stretch in the fabric enables GripGrab to create a ‘form-fitting’ design without zips. The zipper-free cuff is said to reduce irritation and increase the lifetime of the product compared to other overshoe designs.

There is TPU reinforcement on the top cap and undersole.

The overshoes have TPU cap reinforcement said to improve durability. The injection-moulded TPU protects areas exposed to abrasion during rides and when you’re mounting and dismounting your gravel bike, according to GripGrab.

On the underside, there is more TPU. positioned between the forefoot and heel, this TPU protects an area prone to abrasion when walking off-road or coming into contact with pedals.

Where can I buy the GripGrab Explorer overshoes?

Currently, you can only buy the GripGrab Explorer Overshoes via the GripGrab website.

However, the brand says the overshoes will be available through selected retail partners soon.


The Explorer overshoes cost £79.95 / $89.95 / €89.95.