GT recalls more than 1,200 mountain bikes

Risk of handlebar failure on select 2017 hardtails

The Cycling Sports Group, the parent company of GT Bicycles, has recalled 2017 Karakoram Sport, Karakoram Comp, Aggressor Sport, Aggressor Comp and Aggressor Expert models.


According to GT Bicycles, in certain cases, the handlebars may develop small fatigue cracks over time, which if not identified, may continue to grow larger and eventually lead to a fracture of the handlebars. If this happens, a rider could lose control of the bicycle and fall.

Approximately 1,240 of these mountain bikes are affected by this recall.

Owners can confirm if their bike is affected by the recall by examining the GT logo on the down tube. If the logo is an outline, the bike is not included in the recall. 

If the logo is solid, and the bike is a model year 2017 Karakoram Sport, Karakoram Comp, Aggressor Sport, Aggressor Comp or Aggressor Expert, then it is included in this recall.

If your 2017 GT is one of the select models and has a solid logo, it is included in this recall

Owners of bicycles included in this recall are urged to stop riding them immediately and bring them to their local GT dealers. Bikes will be inspected and, if included in this recall, dealers will install new handlebars and stems.


Visit the company’s recall website at for a complete list of GT models included.