GTA 5 satirises Mamils and triathletes

Hotly anticipated computer game to send up roadies and triathletes

GTA V will offer players the chance to go for a bike ride

Road cycling will feature in the computer game Grand Theft Auto V that will be released on 17 September.


The iconic console game – one of the most anticipated of the last five years – will treat cycling and triathlon with its customary biting irreverence and satirise the Mamil (Middle-aged man in Lycra).

What a video of the GTA V triathlon gameplay here:

GTA v triathlon gameplay video

The game’s official site, which outlines GTA V’s plot about an East Coast bank robber relocated to a fictional and ruthlessly ridiculed version of California, says players will be able to “grab a bike for a lovely ride along the Los Santos beachfront or a punishing path through the mountains and hillsides of Blaine County.”

Mamils might squirm at a GTA V trailer for Ego Chaser  (a fictional energy bar brand) when the narrator says:  “We mostly sell energy bars to desperate middle-aged men who haven’t played sports for years but are suddenly obsessed with triathlon.”

It continues: “Hey, you could be a super athlete even though you have an office job and a family you ignore; you don’t have time for real friends – you’re a warrior. It’s an energy bar that’s all about you.”


GTA V will be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.