Gyroscopic technology to ‘revolutionise’ way kids learn to ride

Gyrobike uses forces to keep kids upright without stabilisers

An innovative bike that uses a gyroscope within its front wheel has been brought into Europe to help youngsters learn how to ride.


The Gyrobike uses gyroscopic technology to allow kids to balance easier and ease them through each formative step of learning to ride. Its ‘Gyrowheel’ use a force called ‘gyroscopic procession’ that produces high stability at low speeds, keeping the child upright as they learn to ride without stabilisers.

The £229 bike can be used by children from ages three to six through three distinct stages of their development on two wheels.

The first is as a pedal-free balance bike, which allows them to straddle it while keeping both feet on the ground and help them develop vital balance skills.

For the second, the pedal system is added and the standard wheel is replaced by the (supplied) 12in/16in Gyrowheel. It has three stability settings, so it can be adjusted as skill levels improve. It runs off power and comes with a rechargeable battery, and lasts two hours (12in) and one hour (16in) off a full charge at the highest stability setting.

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Once balance, pedalling and steering has been mastered, the standard wheel is put back on for the third phase, turning it into a standard kid’s pedal bike.

It has been around in the US since 2009 but was brought to the UK by Robert Bodill after he watched a dad in his failed attempts to teach his young daughter how to ride a bike. He’s taken it to the next level by creating the 3 in 1 Gyrobike.

“Learning to ride a bike is a fantastic milestone that should be filled with memories of accomplishment, not frustration,” he said. “The feedback has been amazing, not only due to how stable it is during the initial phase, but because teaching a child to ride has become fun again, with less pain and stress.


It will be available to buy from 30 August in four colours, red, pink, green and blue, and two wheel sizes, 12in and 16in. For more information, visit their website.