Haize offers a minimalist magic compass for urban cyclists

Navigation device with a difference reaches Kickstarter target

Haize, the minimalist navigation device for riders who like to choose their own way through the city, has reached an exceeded it’s Kickstarter goal with days to go. 


Haize consists of an LED compass that attaches to bicycle handlebars, and links to a smartphone app. The LED display indicates the direction to your destination and the distance to go. Doing away with numbers, images and whatnot, Haize instead relies on coloured dots of light.

It’s not the only device seeking to shake up the routefinding game for urban cyclists, with the BeeLine ‘smart navigation’ device we recently reported on having smashed its Kickstarter target with a fortnight remaining at the time of writing.

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Haize can be used in a number of ways. For those who like the freedom to explore the city and set their own route Haize can be set to simply indicate the direction of the final destination, set using the app, so the rider knows which general direction to aim for. Some riders do prefer a little more guidance, however, and there’s also the option to plan your route onto the app. In the latter case Haize will provide turn-by-turn instructions. 

Built into the little device are a magnetometer, which tracks the direction of travel, an accelorometer and gyroscope to determine the position of the device, and a Bluetooth connection to allow it to connect to a smartphone. A sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED display depending on the light conditions. 

A simple display means longer battery life, with Haize’s creators claiming two weeks of normal usage before it runs flat, and the device itself is micro USB-rechargeable. The device itself is constructed from aerospace-grade alloy and shockproof glass. 

Haize has been designed to be simple to use and fit:

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Haize also has potential uses beyond cycling. Currently, it comes with a simple rubber band attachment to fit it to handlebars, plus a watch strap so it can be worn making it useful for pedestrians and runners. There are plans afoot for extra functionality to be developed when the product goes into production, including message and call notifications, route downloads and even an accident alert service that will automatically notify the users listed emergency contact.

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The team behind Haize have already exceeded their £50,000 goal, with nearly £55,000 pledged to date and 4 days yet to run on the campaign. Pledge above £60 get you a Haize, with the devices becoming available from June 2016. 


If you’re looking for a Christmas present with a difference, Haize pledgers can also opt for a gift certificate that can be exchanged for a brand-new Haize when they become available in 2016.