Get funky and light with two limited-edition products from SunRinglé and Hayes

Düroc SD37 wheelset gets a spot of nineties flair and Dominion brakes go extra light

Düroc SD37 wheelset gets a spot of nineties flair and Dominion brakes go extra light

The Hayes group is about more than just brakes – it also comprises Manitou and ProTaper, and wheel brands SunRinglé and Reynolds. Latest to join the wide-ranging line-up of products are the limited-edition Hayes Dominion T2 brakes and SunRinglé Düroc SD37 Pro wheelset.


SunRinglé Düroc SD37 Pro limited-edition wheelset

There is nothing like a bit of colour to brighten up your year – sorry, bike – and these extra-fancy limited-edition SunRinglé Düroc SD37 Pro wheels promise to add a little nineties flash to your ride.

The Düroc SD37 wheels are aimed at enduro- or bike park-style riding
The limited-edition SunRinglé Düroc SD37 Pro wheelset is available in 27.5in and 29in versions.

The Düroc SD37 wheels are aimed at enduro- or bike park-style riding, meaning big, fast descents with plenty of rocks, roots and hits. In fact, the ‘SD’ stands for Super Duty, which should more or less get the point across.

The outer rim width is a wide 37mm with 32mm internal width, and the wheels are laced on 28 straight-pull Wheelsmith (another brand in the Hayes portfolio) spokes.

At the centre of the wheel is where the limited-edition magic happens. Well, it’s only the colour that is limited edition (Düroc SD37 wheelsets are always available), but you’ve got to admit the 3D Violet anodising that harks back to the brand’s original Super Bubba hubs from the nineties is pretty darned nice.

Look beyond the beautiful finish and you’ll find a high-tech hub that allows the rider to adjust the degree of engagement for quicker pickup (better, Hayes says, for technical riding) or a little extra float (for heavy-duty use).

Ringlé Super Bubba hubs on the Düroc SD37 wheels are brightly coloured violet
At the centre of the Düroc SD37 is the bling Super Bubba hub in limited-edition colour.

The wheels are available in both 27.5in and 29in sizes with hub spacing of 110 x 15 (front) and 148 x 12 (rear) and they are supplied with both XD and Microspline freehub bodies, tubeless valves and sealant.

  • Rim: Sun Düroc SD37 tubeless ready
  • Hub: Ringlé Super Bubba
  • Spokes: 28 x Wheelsmith DB14
  • Weight (complete): Rear, 29in – 1,156g claimed; Front, 29in – 933g claimed
  • Price: Rear – $539.99 / Front – $359.99 / UK pricing TBC

Hayes Dominion T2 limited-edition brake

Hayes’ Dominion brakes include a two-piston A2 and a four-piston A4, the latter of which we gave a four-star rating when we reviewed it last year. This limited-edition T2 is essentially the super-deluxe model in the line-up.

The Hayes Dominion T2 brakes have a carbon fibre lever
A carbon lever, titanium hardware and precision machining shave 50g from the T2.

Titanium hardware, a carbon fibre lever blade, aluminium backing plates on the pads and weight-saving precision machining all add up to a brake that is 50g lighter per unit than the standard Dominion A2. And it looks extra bling, too.

Performance-wise, the Dominion T2 claims to be every bit as user-friendly as the other models in the range. Hayes says it is designed and factory set to have the least possible dead stroke, meaning the pads begin moving as soon as you pull on the lever – good news for small hands or riders who prefer to have the lever dialled in close to the handlebar.

Bite point and lever reach can both be adjusted with a 2mm Allen key.

The new limited-edition Dominion T2 features a two piston caliper
The new limited-edition Dominion T2 features a two piston caliper.

This limited-edition brake does come at a price, the Dominion T2 will set you back nearly £300 per end.

  • Brake: Hayes Dominion T2
  • Lever: Carbon fibre
  • Hardware: Titanium
  • Weight: 254g claimed
  • Price: £299 per brake / US pricing TBC