Here’s a big riding adventure across America that anyone can join

"All you have to do is show up," says clothing brand Search and State

Have you ever wanted to to ride your bike across America, but didn’t want to go on your own? Or maybe you couldn’t decide on a route through the country’s complex web of interstates, rural highways, and county roads?


Well you’re in luck, because on June 1, apparel brand Search and State (SAS) is leading a group of riders they’re calling the ‘Search Brigade’ from New York to Los Angeles and back. The best part is, everyone’s invited to take part in the 7,500 mile ride. All you have to do is show up.

This isn’t the first cross-country journey led by SAS: you may remember in 2014 they commissioned blogger Joseph Holway to ride from their sewing facility in Manhattan to the Golden Saddle Cyclery in LA to deliver their first S2R performance jerseys, a journey he completed in 21-days completely unsupported. Holway will be returning in 2016 as one of the Search Brigade ride leaders.

Joseph holway rode from new york city to la to deliver a package

“This tour was planned with the cross-country riders in mind, but it’s open to anyone, on any bike, for any amount of time,” say SAS. “Join us for a day when we pass through your city or join us for the entire summer. We’re providing some logistical support (a group to ride with and a route to follow) to give you the opportunity to ride cross-country that you’ve been waiting for.”

The Search Brigade will be riding about 75 miles (120km) a day and have only planned the route. The ride will be unsupported, and you’ll need to have your own food, water, camping gear and a way to get home if need be. As they put it, “The Search Brigade will not wait, change course, change your flats, and will not be supporting you.”

It’s bound to be the adventure of a lifetime:

Each morning the ride leader will provide the route for the day, and the location of the next campsite, but beyond that it’s up to you when you leave, when you arrive and ultimately how you get there.

There’s a tentative schedule posted on the Search Brigade’s event page, with the ride leaving June 1 from New York City and pegged to return September 10. It sounds like the ultimate adventure for those like a bit of type two fun, and will be packed full of surprises.


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