Here’s Floyd Landis and David Zabriskie riding a fixie up a mountain

Ex Tour winner and pro talk racing, doping and hemp

Watch Floyd Landis and Dave Zabriskie ride up a big ol’ hill on a fixed gear

State Bicycle Co — purveyors of handsome, go-fast fixies for all budgets — has just released its latest video in its ongoing series, Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros.


The episode features Floyd Landis and Dave Zabriskie riding up Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas with State-sponsored rider, Bryan Harding, and sees the trio talking candidly about racing, doping and hemp.

Floyd Landis is best known as the ex-winner of the 2006 edition of the Tour de France and, more recently, as the man behind Floyd’s of Leadville — a company that produces CBD hemp-oil daily supplements, which among many other purported benefits, are said to reduce inflammation and improve recovery for athletes.

Dave Zabriskie, who recently joined Floyds of Leadville — which is beginning to look a little bit like a club for disgraced Tour riders, but I digress — talks about the moral dilemmas he faced regarding doping during his career.

The highlight of the video has to be watching Landis and Zabriskie give up on a particularly steep pitch and start pushing the rather tall-geared bikes. It’s good to know that even ex-pros can’t be bothered sometimes.


Overall, the video is incredibly enjoyable, insightful and well worth ten minutes of your time.