Here’s why Zwift is more immersive, social and accessible than ever before

New iOS version and plenty of new features

Zwift's 2017 updates include an iOS version and group rides

Zwift update & iOS release

This video was produced in collaboration with Zwift.


BikeRadar recently caught up with Zwift, the only training and gaming platform for cyclists, to find out what to expect next from the brand.

Responding to a strong increase of support from manufacturers of cycling trainers, Zwift has recently introduced an array of new features including structured training, which adds customisable workouts to the program.

A new subscription platform has also been introduced, which now sees riders from over 150 countries pushing out around 10 million virtual kilometres per month. Group rides was another important introduction, and allows users to ride with friends for a more immersive and social experience.


Further big news comes in the form of Zwift iOS, which packs all the same features as the regular Zwift game for those with an iPhone or iPad. For more information be sure to check out the video above.