High-viz, kids’ lids and lights from Giro and Respro

Bits for the bike for riders of the night

Okay, so high-visibility products are never going to be the sexiest things in the world, but they’re essential if you ride on the road. We’ve slowly but surely been increasing the amount of high-viz stuff we wear on the daily commute, because the easier it is for other road users to see you, the better.


So we were strangely excited by the I-Shot sticker packs now available from Respro. There are various sets, and we particularly liked the tyre set edition which comes in pre-cut strips to fit directly onto your 700c rubber.

The other set of pre-cut ‘tabs’ of high-viz stickers are perfect for sticking, well, anywhere – on the front of your jersey, gilet or jacket, for example. They’ll apparently survive the washing machine too, so are likely to last.

High-viz wheel stickers
High-viz wheel stickers: high-viz wheel stickers
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Respro have introduced a new high-end Hump into their range too. If you’re not familiar with the Hump, it’s a rucksack cover plastered with high visibility stickers and reflective piping. This new one at £49.99 has all the high-viz bits along with battery-operated lit-up moving chevrons.

High-viz Hump with battery-operated rotating chevrons
High-viz hump with battery-operated rotating chevrons: high-viz hump with battery-operated rotating chevrons
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Sticking with the theme of illumination, Giro have introduced a new kids’ helmet, the Spree, which not only has an easy-to-use fitting system, but has integrated red LED lights on the rear too. Once set up, the helmet fit system has been designed to stay in the same place every time it’s put on – so no more kids riding around with their helmet perched at a useless angle on their head.

There's a red light either side of the helmet
There’s a red light either side of the helmet: there’s a red light either side of the helmet
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar