Hincapie Sportswear 2013 spring collection

New hidden reflective fabric used on sleeves and leg bands

Hincapie Sportswear recently debuted its Spring 2013 collection, featuring hidden reflective technology and a few different cuts.


The big news with Hincapie is what the company is calling “HyperOptic” elastane fabric, which features micro-perforations in certain areas of the sublimated fabric with a reflective surface underneath. The result is a cycling kit that looks normal during the day, but acts highly reflective to vehicle’s light in the evening or early morning.

The reflective panels as caught by a camera flash: the reflective panels as caught by a camera flash
The HyperOptic leg and arm bands look normal in the sun, but reflective to auto light (or a camera flash)

George Hincapie retired after 19 years in the sport, but the brand used feedback from the BMC Racing Team for its 2013 line. New for this year, the brand divided its clothing into the good/better/best lines of Power, Nitro and Edge lines.

Even the Power line has some tech fabrics though, like compression Lycra and coldblack finish on the shorts.

This HyperOptic technology is used in a number of the bibs in the leg band and in some jerseys in the arm bands.


The mid-range Nitro line ($100/£74 jersey, $120/£90 bib) features better fabrics and a slightly less form-fit cut than the top-end Edge line ($130/£90 jersey, $140/£100 bib).

The top-end hincapie sportswear edge jersey:
Hincapie Sportswear’s Edge jersey kit doesn’t scream “reflective” in normal light