Honda gearbox revealed

The big wind up ends...


The secret is finally out and the contents of Honda’s G-Cross have been revealed in an exclusive interview for

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When Honda announced that the G-Cross team will not be continuing into 2008 one of the immediate questions was will we ever get to look into that famous box? Notoriously secretive about the working of the G-Cross, Pandora’s box is almost a bit of an anticlimax after five years waiting. We were hoping for a rabid hamster on a wheel or some sort of golden glow a la ‘Pulp Fiction’

The system basically comprises of a drive crank, chained through what looks to be a reworked derailleur running onto a regular cassette. Check out for the interview.

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With the G-Cross team disbanding in 2008 and Honda’s policy of destroying its prototypes, it’s unlikely that the gearbox (or the bikes) will ever become available to the public … unless someone else wants to try.