Honda may have just created the best team car ever

New Civic Tourer concept pairs bike and car like never before

Rarely do car and bicycle come together so well as in this fantastic Civic Tourer concept car from Honda. Due to be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in a few weeks’ time, the Tourer uses a unique central fuel tank layout that allows for secure and well organised storage of two bikes plus plenty of other clever, cycle-focused integrations.


Pop the hatchback of the two seater Tourer and, along with facing a cavernous 1,668 litres of space, there’s an extra low loading height for which to utilise a built-in double bike rack. A retractable arm can then be extended from the rack, forming a makeshift workstand for mechanical duties – a section of the tailgate can even be pulled out to provide shade cover when doing so. 

Further occupying the void where you’d usually find back seats are an integrated pump, a retractable bench and a toolbox. The immense storage doesn’t stop inside the vehicle either, with Honda also including an aero roof box to accommodate further luggage.

The tourer concept utilises space gained by moving to a unique central fuel tank layout:

The Tourer concept utilises space gained by moving to a unique central fuel tank layout

Even the truest of tree huggers will find it hard to knock the Honda for its efficiency too – the production Civic Tourer fitted with Honda’s i-DTEC 1.6l diesel engine just picked up a Guiness World Records title for its fuel efficiency, achieving 100.31mpg (2.82l/km) over an 8,387 mile (13,498km) drive across 24 European countries.


Like many concepts, we expect most of the features of this car won’t make it to production – but it’s nice to see Honda putting effort into such things. In other news, the Wiggle/Honda pro cycling team has just found its perfect team car…