Hope crankset – first look

Long-awaited crank makes into production

Hope has confirmed production of its long-awaited crankset, more than five years since the firm teased a prototype of its design.


Hope’s new crankset uses a unique design that aims to consign the creaks and excessive movement sometimes associated with well used cranks to the past. The answer? An expanding spline interface between the axle and crank arms.

Whereas a conventional design uses splines that are susceptible to wear, particularly as the crankset is removed and refitted, Hope’s crankset instead is pulled onto a conventional spline and then secured by a tapered plug within the 30mm axle, allowing for adjustment to accommodate for wear.

Manufactured from forged 7000 series alloy, the crank arms are then subject to CNC work that makes them immediately distinguishable as a Hope product. Versatility arrives in the form of a splined mounting for spiders or direct mount chainrings, the former meaning either a 104BCD single-ring setup or an 64/104BCD double option while the latter makes use of Hope’s Retainer narrow/wide style rings (26t-36t). 

Hope crankset being put through its paces on a test bed:

The Hope crankset has certainly taken its time to make it to production

The cranks are compatible with the majority of bottom bracket systems via Hope’s expanded range of bottom brackets. The three piece design will be available in 165mm, 170mm and 175mm lengths. Hope’s claimed weight for a complete 34t spiderless crankset is 641g.


As usual with Hope, you won’t be short on anodised colour options with red, blue, silver and gunsmoke to pick from. There’s even an ultra retro purple option arriving in March. Prices are shown below.

Part GBP£ EU€ US$
Arms, Axle and Spider  245 300 429.5
Arms and Axle 215 265 375
Spider  40 50 70
Spiderless Retainer Chainring  55 68 95