Hope’s XCR is its new, lightweight XC brake

XC-spec limited-edition stoppers

Hope XCR

Hope Tech has launched a new XC race brake, the XCR, based around its X2 caliper and an all-new lever.


With its factory flat-out making all its other components for an industry struggling to keep up with demand, this lightweight brake will be built in its R&D department in limited quantities – so if you get a pair, you’re unlikely to see many others out and about.

Hope had dropped its Race line of brakes, but with the rise in popularity of XC, as well as increasingly capable downcountry bikes, saw an opening in the market for a new lightweight disc brake.

At the rotor end of things, the brakes use Hope’s X2 caliper, but get lighter-weight aluminium backed pads and a lower profile, as well as a lighter crimped hose connector.

It’s only available in anodised silver, a departure for a brand known for offering a broad array of colours.

Hope XCR caliper and rotor
A silver anodised X2 caliper makes its way into the brake-set.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

The main changes come at the lever end of the system.

The main one is the noticeably different form of the lever body, which is actually similar to the Race brake of old, though it has been significantly updated.

The master cylinder is radially configured, with the piston pushing in towards the bar.

Hope XCR split clamp lever
A hinged clamp makes fitting the levers very simple.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

Though the orientation of the reservoir is at 90 degrees to other Hope levers, such as the Tech 3, it’ll still fit Hope’s Bleed Kit, so bleeding the brake should be just as easy as before.

Similarly, it still uses a regular olive and barb at the lever end for easy hose shortening.

Despite its low weight, reach adjustment is still on offer, with both a carbon lever blade and a new hinged split clamp helping to shift some weight.

Hope has used new pivot bushings on the lever, which it says cuts friction, contributing towards a light lever feel.

Hope XCR carbon lever blade
A carbon lever blade features on this lightweight set.
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

Hope is offering the brake with a range of shifter mounts and we have a SRAM one here on our test brakes.

The brakes will cost £250 / $320 / €315 per end, and are on sale from today.

Look out for a full review in the coming months.