Hope’s prototype inline hydro brakes win 3 Peaks CX

First hydraulic inline levers to go on sale next year

Hope recently announced the release of its 4-pot calipers for Shimano and SRAM hydro road brakes. Intended to be fitted as an upgrade over stock calipers, they are said to improve pad clearance, power and modulation.

This year’s 3 Peaks winning bike
Courtesy Hope

Hope employee, Paul Oldham won this year’s brutal Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross race on a Scott Addict CX fitted with the trick new brakes alongside some prototype, crosstop hydro levers.

Crosstop, or inline levers, are popular at events like the Three Peaks where being able to brake from multiple positions can greatly reduce hand fatigue over such a long ride.

However, regular mechanical inline levers have always been a compromise as they invariably introduce slop into the system, making for less direct feeling braking.

Crosstop levers like this get the job done but aren’t a perfect solution

The hydro system should eliminate this because, when used, the inline brake levers close the connection back to the SRAM levers, effectively creating a closed system. Very cool.

The banjo bolt which connects the line from the SRAM levers to the inline brakes can be seen clearly here
Courtesy Hope

The new calipers also look pretty trick to boot carrying over the brand’s signature stepped machining marks from its mountain bike brakes.

The bike was decked out in full Hope regalia featuring Pro 4 hubs, Hope’s own cassette and its UK-made carbon seatpost.

Hope has said that the in-line levers will be available for purchase in the future, but will require a little more work before they hit the production line.These will be the first inline hydro levers to hit the market from a big brand.

Multiple hand positions are very welcome during an event like the 3 Peaks
Courtesy Hope

Resident pad destroyer Ben Delaney loves the look of these calipers as the increased pad clearance may offer improvements over stock Shimano and SRAM solutions, which have caused him problems in the past. Expect a full report in the future.


Will these calipers be the solution to Ben Delaney’s pad eating issues?

Will these caliper’s be the solution to Ben Delaney’s pad eating issues?