Horst Spikes bolsters range for cyclocross racers

More toe spike options, especially for smaller riders

Cyclocross season is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking equipment. Shoe toe spikes may not get much attention, but when it comes to frantic off the bike run-ups, a reliable spike can make all the difference. For this, Connecticut-based Horst Engineering has updated and bolstered its high quality Horst Spikes product range in time for the new season.


Horst Spikes’ original range of stainless steel spikes consisted of Long (17.6mm), Medium (13.3mm), Short (11mm) and Ice & Snow (17.6mm) items. Joining these are two Mini models aimed at lighter and smaller riders or generally anyone seeking a more modest spike.

Designed with feedback from female sponsored riders, there’s now a Mini Standard spike (12.2mm) that sits between a standard Medium and Short spike, but with smaller wrench flats to offer an increased effective spike length. The other is a Mini Ice and Snow (13.3mm), which is a 4mm shorter version of the existing ‘why am I doing this’ condition spike.

The six horst spike models with a presta valve cap on the far right for size comparison :

A Presta valve cap on the far right gives a good indication of actual size. These aren’t cheap, but should outlast and out perform stock spikes by a long way

All six models now feature a washer face above the rolled thread for a claimed increase in strength, durability and a better shoe-spike interface. Expect to pay $16.49-$17.49 for a four pack of Horst Spikes.

Made in the USA, all Horst Spikes feature the same rolled thread (10-32 UNF-2A) designed to fit most common mountain bike shoes that accept toe spikes.

The all conditions pro kit sells for $83.49 :

Pictured is the new All Conditions Pro Kit at $83.49

Lastly, there are now Pro Kits available for those looking to swap their spikes to match varying conditions. These provide a range of spikes, the tools and thread-lock to fit them and a plastic storage case. Pro Kits start from $67.


Horst Spikes are available direct online or through various North American retailers; UK/European customers should expect to see Horst Spikes becoming available to them imminently. No word as yet, sadly, for those Aussies running around in wet dust.