Horst Spikes ready for the mud with stainless steel toe spikes

Four different lengths and shapes to suit course conditions

Now that autumn is upon many of us, the warm and sunny early days of cyclocross season will now transition into colder temperatures, wetter ground, and more mud. Connecticut company Horst Engineering wants to help you get a better grip on slippery run-ups with a new range of stainless steel toe spikes.


The new Horst Spikes are machined from stainless steel for corrosion resistance and are offered in four different styles: with rounded tips in small (14mm), medium (16mm), and long (18mm) lengths, plus an 18mm-long pointed shape specifically for digging into ice and snow. Four-packs of any particular style range in cost from US$15.99-16.99 while a combo pack that includes all three rounded styles costs US$42.99 – not exactly cheap but given the materials used, we expect that these should last for many seasons of racing.

Four different styles of spikes are available, including one specifically for ice and snow (at left):