How bikes create change: World Bicycle Relief does TEDx

Hear about the inspirational impact bikes can have on health, education and economics

The work of World Bicycle Relief clearly shows the impact bikes can have around the globe

We’ve recently come across this TEDx talk from World Bicycle Relief co-founder F.K. Day, discussing the efforts the company is making to improve global mobility with bicycles.


It’s a truly inspirational talk about the power of bicycles and how they can create change for people around the world.

F.K. Day talks about the origins of World Bicycle Relief

The project’s origins stemmed from the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, with a plan to remobilise those affected through a large scale bicycle program. 24,000 locally sourced bicycles were delivered, helping to improve mobility and cut journey times for people who would otherwise have had to travel on foot.

Independent studies verified an immediate and tangible impact and, soon after, relief agencies suggested scaling such a bicycle program up to Africa and other areas.

Since then, World Bicycle Relief has expanded significantly providing benefits for healthcare initiatives, access to education and economic mobility for people across the globe.


Watch the TEDx talk to find out more about World Bicycle Relief or visit the World Bicycle Relief website and consider donating to this worthy cause.