HOY Bikes 2018 kid’s range

New bikes claim to be lightest kids' bikes in the UK

Evans Cycles has just announced its updated 2018 range of children’s HOY Bikes: the Bonaly, a rigid mountain bike, and the Meadowmill, an all-purpose drop bar bike.


Evans claims the bikes are the lightest kids’ bikes available in the UK right now and pitches Hoy Bikes as a direct competitor to the premium Islabikes and Frog kids’ bike brands.

The two new models for 2018 are available with either 16-, 20-, 24- and 26-inch wheel sizes and all frames are constructed from a mix of 6061/6066 T6 aluminium tubing with internally routed cables.

1x drivetrains feature throughout to simplify gear changes, while braking and shifting components have been specced to suit smaller hands. Allen key wheel skewers mean curious fingers can’t loosen things they shouldn’t, too.

Most importantly, the HOY Bikes use size-specific cranksets with a narrow Q-factor (that’s the distance in width between the two pedals) to make pedalling more efficient for smaller sized humans.

That also carries over to the crank length and handlebar sizing, which changes for different models to match the age group the bike is targeted.

Geometry remains the same as last year, with a low bottom-bracket providing adding stability and the low standover allowing riders to put both their feet on the ground when stationary.

The bikes in the range are:

Bonaly rigid mountain bike

The Bonaly 16
The Bonaly 16
Courtesy of Evans Cycles

Bonaly 16

This 16-inch wheeled model features a singlespeed drivetrain and V-brakes specced with a short reach lever. The bike uses a slick city tyre and weighs 5.95kg. It costs £260.

Bonaly 20

The 20-inch version adds a six-speed Tourney drivetrain and is fitted with Kenda Small Block 8 tyres, suitable for varied surfaces. The bike weighs 7.57kg and costs £310.

Bonaly 24 V

The 24-inch wheel model is available with disc or V-brakes. This V-brake model upgrades to eight-speed Acera shifting and weighs 8.6kg. It costs £435.

Bonaly 24 D

The Bonaly 24 D
The Bonaly 24 D
Courtesy of Evans Cycles

The disc version replaces the V-brakes with Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brakes. It weighs 10kg and costs £435.

Bonaly 26

The 26-inch wheeled model uses nine-speed Altus gears and the same Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brakes as above. It weighs 10.2kg and costs £465.

Meadowmill all-purpose drop bar bike

The Meadowmill 26
The Meadowmill 26
Courtesy of Evans Cycles

Meadowmill 24

The drop-barred Meadowmill uses Claris eight-speed gears and Tektro Mini V brakes. It has a mismatched Claris lever for the rear-derailleur and a Tektro lever on the left, and adds additional cross top levers. The 24-inch model is fitted with Maxxis Locust CX tyres, weighs 8.69kg and costs £460.

Meadowmill 26

The 26-inch wheeled model uses essentially the same spec, but replaces the tyres with Schwalbe CX pro models. It weighs in at 8.81kg and costs £480.

Being Evans Cycles’ own brand, the HOY Bikes range is only available through Evans itself. Evans Cycles also offers international pricing and shipping and you can find more details on its site.