Hudz offer brake hood upgrade

Got a first-generation model? Swap it for a new one

Owners of first-generation Hudz replacement road brake lever hoods can now upgrade to the second-generation version for a nominal fee

Hudz have announced an upgrade programme for owners of first-generation models of their replacement road brake lever hoods.


Anyone who bought hoods made between 1997 and 2008 for Shimano Dura-Ace 7800 or pre-2009 Campagnolo levers will be able to obtain new ‘v2’ Hudz for a discounted price of US$15 plus shipping.

According to company principal Lance Johnson, the new edition includes a number of improvements suggested by users – such as Garmin-Chipotle strongman Magnus Backstedt – and brings them more in-line with the latest Hudz offerings for SRAM DoubleTap and Shimano Ultegra. 

Changes include more seamless transitions to the handlebar, the elimination of unsightly mould lines and the addition of a slight texture for improved grip. Campagnolo-compatible models also now feature a longer slit for reduced interference with the thumb paddle.

Those partaking in the upgrade programme must retain the same model compatibility (ie. Shimano 7800 for Shimano 7800) but can choose from 14 colour options and two rubber compounds.


Additional information and an upgrade form is available at