Hunt wants you to help design the wheels of the future

British wheel company sets up open development and feedback team

Got a strong opinions about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to cycling products? Do you have ideas for products or features you wish existed? If you answered yes to both of those, then British wheel company Hunt wants you. 


Hunt is on the look out for six riders to form part of a product testing and review team. Named the OpenDev Team, they’ll be part of Hunt’s new Open Development Program, which will draw on their expertise, feedback and product suggestions to help refine and develop its wheel range. To apply, all you need to do is fill in an online form.

The deal isn’t one-sided by any means. All six riders on the OpenDev Team will receive equipment from Hunt or its partners. So that’s a shiny new Giro Synthe helmet, Mobel team clothing and, of course, a set of Hunt wheels, with the whole package coming in around the £1,000 mark in value. 


If you haven’t heard of Hunt, the company was founded by brothers Peter and Tom Marchmont. Each had significant experience in the UK bike industry; both were frustrated by the lack of wheels that fulfilled their needs and so started their own business. Hunt’s products have including some interesting ideas, such as providing tubeless tyres already fitted on wheels for delivery. 

Hunt claims to like doing things differently, and has already put customer feedback to good use in influencing new product designs and features. This has included such suggestions as higher spoke counts and wider rims for gravel or off-road riding, which fed into the firm’s new 4Season Gravel Disc wheel.

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“We’re incredibly lucky as a wheel company to have such direct links with our customers, and we want to strengthen those so we can improve this process further,” Tom Marchmont told BikeRadar.

“It’s also not just about the product – we’d like to know how we can innovate on the whole customer service experience such as making it easier to use and service our wheels and what is most important to invest in on our website/customer service,” he added.

Hunt produce a range of wheels, which are developed with the feedback of their customers: hunt produce a range of wheels, which are developed with the feedback of their customers

The Hunt OpenDev Team is open for applications from anyone who wants to share their ideas and opinions on wheel tech

If you’re interested in applying to be part of Hunt’s OpenDev Team and you’re not already a high-speed, racing, semi-pro, don’t worry. That’s not what Hunt is looking for.

“We don’t sell wheels to professionals – our wheels need to be fast and perform well for normal riders, so that’s who we would like to work with,” said Marchmont. “Also, it’s real-world riders who are often leading new tech and riding styles. Look at disc brakes: normal riders choose to buy them, the pro riders are now following suit. So we know that there are many new ideas riders could help us with.” 

In fact, the key criteria is your ability to provide feedback and generate ideas. You also don’t have to be based in the UK either – Hunt is happy to receive applications from around the world. 

Mountain bikers may be feeling a little left out at this stage, but fret not. Hunt has also hinted that an MTB option may be available in the future. 


For those who don’t make it into the team and who would still like to share their experience and ideas, Hunt also plans an OpenDev webpage, which will put forward new ideas and canvas customer opinion.